I'm a 19 year old college sophomore, who is just starting to come out. After 5 years of knowing I was gay. After some serious offers from guys that I had to turn down to keep up appearances I only want them back now. All I really want is to have an amazing man to come home to and who loves like I love him. These are just some pictures and shit I like to look at. Of course, like my other blogs, I am always giving my opinion.

This blog is not safe for work, small children, peoples under the age of 18 (or selected age), homophobes, ignorant people. If you know or think you are any of these turn away now. Disclaimer: I will not respond to hate mail nor will I be held responsible for young courious boys looking at porn.


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New tumblr gay, a delight * - * follow me?

Of course! Follow back?

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terrific blog my friend

Thanks! Not bad yourself ;)